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Text for Page 233 [05-30-1860]

       Haney doesn�t see the Prize Fight.
garroting of five criminals, each time re-
sulting in disappointment.    He thinks Japan
would be a good place to go to and wouldn�t
be surprised if he acted on that idea, though he
has no present intentions thitherwards.           These
with much miscellaneous matter, compromise the
letter, which its writer bids me not answer till
the receipt of another.           Writing story all
the morning, down-town after dinner.          To
Haney�s office.     His attempt, in conjunction
with Mort and Clif Thomson, O�Brien, Thad
Glover and Mullen, the little �Vanity Fair� artist,
to witness the fight that was prevented by the
combatants missing each other, on one being arres-
ted, proved a miserable business.        A night-
ride in Jersey, dreary tromping through wet woods
and country, ascending and descending the Pali-
sades, only with the result of coming up as a boy
who had been pitted against another by the mob,
in default of the men-brutes, was borne sense-
less from the ring.       O�Brien got so used-up
that he stayed behind.                 Cahill in.    Up-
town.     Writing till 9 1/2, then out to Edwards�,
Cahill walking with me.        He had expected to
take Lizzy Woodworth to Adams� Bear-Show,
but the night proving damp, she tacitly declined,
never condescending to come and tell her determi-               
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