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Text for Page 234 [05-30-1860]

	At 745.    Morris clears out.
nation.     Wherefore he was out-of-sorts and
dolorous with hurt vanity.           We drank toget-
her and I parted with him at 745.               Half
an hour with pater and materfamilias in the
work-room, where the latter was diligent as
usual; then the girls, Haney and Jack came
home from Ottignon�s Gymnasium, where they
had been witnessing the exhibition, at Honey-
well�s invitation.     And with them came � Mor-
ris.     Now Morris had cleared out from our
house, rather unexpectedly, this afternoon, without
further intimation of it than that vouchsafed
last week.        Mrs. Boley told myself and Cahill
of it, over the supper-table, and sure enough
I found cupboard empty and trunk gone on as-
cending to my old attic-room.     Morris said he�d
heard of the Gymnasium performance, and �thought
he�d ring in.�         When I spake of his hegira he
said something about people getting on better without
him.         The girls sang and Morris sang.       Matty
looked pretty, rosy and saucy with untied bonnet
strings.        Sally admitted the performance was
�rather slow.�      Broke up about 11.      On getting
back to the house, found folks in the parlor.
Cahill silent in arm-chair at a distance
from Lizzie, who sat at table with the Train-
que (who came home last Sunday)  Phillips,               
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