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Text for Page 235 [05-30-1860]

	      Morris explains.
and Burger.     Griswold and Miss Susan
Woodworth, or �Susie,� as she delights to call
herself, were together looking over a book, Cut-
ler alone on the sofa.                Cahill
told me, subsequently, that after quitting me
he�d wandered about taking drinks, finally
visiting the �Optimus,� where, disparaging Lips-
comb�s brandy, that ex-guardsman had insist-
ed on his trying every variety of eau de vie he
had in the house!        However Cahill says he
wasn�t drunk, and certainly he didn�t look
anything but miserable, when in the parlor.
  When I was undressing for bed, Bowman
came in and wanted to know what had be-
come of Morris!
  31.  Thursday.  Writing �Momus� work.
Morris up about 12, explaining his departure,
after effecting which he had looked in at 745,
�thinking some of the young ladies might like to ac-
company him to the opera,� and finding Matty and
Jack going to the Gymnasium, joined them.        He
proposes �to bore me� with certain of his old lady
patrons writings �for the benefit of my suggestions,�
and says she intends going into the country in
a month or so, taking him with her.       A sort of
literary being taken in keeping.       Down town by
3 �, to �Momus� Office, Addey exulting over his               
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