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Text for Page 236 [05-31-1860]

         My Story reprinted in �the Times.�
just published number, wanting copy and
requesting me not to confine myself to my stipu-
lated $9 worth.           To Crook and Duffs.   Met
George Arnold there, as yesterday, when I found
him in company with long Frank Wood, who
has coarsened considerably in exterior as morally,
and William Winter, poetaster to the �Satur-
day Press,� to whom I was introduced, and
who seemed to know me.    Arnold spake of
�the Phalanx� and of the recent death of Warren�s
wife, in or after child-birth.           Banks was ad-
jacent, talking to Gayler the redfaced.         This
yesterday.      Today O�Brien was with Arnold;
and, within the restaurant, Cahill addressed
me, presently sitting down to sherry-cobblers
I got beside Wood who seemed shy and sulky,
probably at the contrast presented by �Vanity
Fair� with �Momus,� for both publications were
there.         O�Brien loitered in again, but as usual
we cut one another mutually.         Welden came,
addressed me and Cahill, and I went off
with him to Lovejoy�s, where he had an appoint-
ment with a �Times� man, who told me my
�All the Year Round� Story had been reprinted
in the weekly edition of that paper.        Seymour
is in Europe � Germany.           Up town in sunny
Broadway, passed pretty Matty and her father.               
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