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              [newspaper engraving]

[Gunn�s handwriting]
The Artist who painted Lotty�s portrait.  He was married to one
of her aunts. 		April, 1880

[newspaper clipping]
  Mr. Baker, recently deceased, whose portrait
accompanies this sketch, was one of the best
known of American painters.  He was the
friend of Kensett, and the contemporary of
Elliot, Henry Peters, Gray and Daniel Hunting-
ton, of whom only the last remains.  Mr. Baker
was born in 1821, and had consequently drawn
the most of the prizes life presented to his am-
bition.  He was the pupil of his father, a
well-known minature painter of his day.
In early life he studied about two years in Rome.
He was the painter of a number of historical and
genre compositions during the former portions of
his career, but for the past ten or fifteen years he
has devoted himself almost exclusively to por-
traits, chiefly of ladies and children, to which
branch of art his delicate, graceful style seemed
best adapted.  In certain qualities his por-
traits resemble those of Gilbert Stuart.  He was
the best remaining portrait painter of the pres-
ent generation.  Mr. Baker was a man of win-
ning personal manner and made many friends.               
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