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Text for Page 005 [06-01-1860]

		June, 1860.
  1.  Friday.  Writing �Momus� work all the
morning; down town in the afternoon to office,
P. O. &c.      Writing till 9 in the evening, then
to 745; Haney, the girls and Jack there.
  2.  Saturday.  Writing.  Down-town by 4
P.M. to �Momus� Office, meeting Banks there,
came on the same errand as myself.      Got but
$6 of my $9.        At Crook and Duff�s, Cahill
came out from drinking with O�Brien and
young fool Wood � I saw them sitting on stools
and listening with flushed foolish faces to the
Irishman � and paid me the $3 due for �Nic-
nax� work.     Looked into �Courier� Office,
then up-town.     Some writing in the evening.
  3.  Sunday.  With Boweryem to Fort Lee,
by steamboat, starting about 10.   A lovely
summer day; sunlight and blue sky.      There
ascending the heights, visited some of Boweyem�s
acquaintances, a family, with two very blonde-
haired girls, living close by Dunn English�s
place, which is a wooden-building comprising a
tall four or five-story tower and adjacent tene-
ments, besides a pond or lake.   A mile walk,
to Coittown or ville, to other friends of Bowery-
em, at whose house we dined.      Homely Staf-
fordshire people,   the wife a resolute-faced woman,               
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