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Text for Page 007 [06-03-1860]

	    A Parcel from Home.
ing.      Left myself at 10 and did half a
page or so of scribbling.    Cahill came up on
the roof for ten minutes � the first time he
has appeared in the house since yesterday-mor-
ning � but soon went away again, not return-
ing all night.
  4.  Monday.  Writing �Momus� work.   Another
letter from Bob Gun, of no special interest.
And arrival of the home-parcel confided to
Simpson, Dick Bolton�s friend, last November.
Little notes, a knick-knack from Hannah, an
ambrotye of Sam�s wife (in which her pretty
face has sustained considerable damage, from
the glass on which it is photographed being acci-
dentally-cracked) and a pretty long letter from
Sam, in which he narrates his fortunes, since
his removal �from that wretched south-end of
London,� Walworth to �the top of the hill,� Har-
row.     �I had my eye on the place before,� he wri-
tes, �so I sells my Walworth concern, after five
years, for about what I gave for it, makes a
journey and walks into this, now my shop, and
politely tells the old gentleman that I understood
his retail was for sale, a very great fib and
good guess.   x   x   I next got an introduction to
the Rev. Dr. Vaughan, head master of the
school, and thoroughly stocked the shop, spend-               
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