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Text for Page 008 [06-04-1860]

	     Brother Sam�s Letter
ing a matter of �500, I suppose, and having
good credit at my wholesale house, where I
am happy to say I bear a very good character.
x   x   I have laid, I believe, the foundation of a
good business, which has doubled during two
years.   x   x   I had much labor and anxiety,
particularly at first; moving here in bitter wea-
ther, New Year�s day, and Minnie being not at
all in a position to change houses.�       He then
speaks of the baby�s death.     �I consider myself
particularly fortunate in coming here, starting
x   x   x   without help in the right quarter.   x   x   I
am the only chemist in the place, &c.�      Then
he describes the place, school, scholars, talks
of Byron, of the view from the churchyard,
of the climate.  �I go to London once a fortnight,
and usually pay them a visit at Rodney Buil-
dings.   x   x   I like country-life better than
London.      I have a little garden and keep bees,
have taken 100 lbs of honey, this summer, without
destroying the makers.       Our house is not a
nice or comfortable one, being large and divi-
ded into three separate tenements, so there is
always some one to overlook you.    The shop
is right opposite the head master�s house.   x   x
House rent is dear.�     He has an apprentice who
paid �100 premium and �if he wanted, could               
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