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Text for Page 009 [06-04-1860]

	            and Fortunes.
get more, Harrow being considered rather a
crack place.     He �wears the whole of the hair
nature gave him,� and �looks quite ferocious.
All of us boys are now alike, excepting Edwin,
and he only shaves his upper lip.�      He �had a
letter from Mrs. Tyler (from Australia, I sup-
pose) last spring, saying they were much redu-
ced in circumstances and both in bad health, also
coming home;� when Sam �immediately sent them
a letter of credit, for as much as� he �could
possibly spare, but has heard nothing since.
Our father �lent� Sam �50, when he went
to Harrow for which, he writes, �I pay more in-
terest than he could get elsewhere: I shall return
the whole to him   x   x   he ought to have given it
me, but never mind.       I never bother him now,
it being no use and only frets him � as he al-
ways has been so he ever will be, to the end of
the chapter.   We might have had a much worse
father and could not have had a much better
mother.�      Thus Sam; a pleasant characteris-
tic picture.   I always think of him tenderly; he
is such a good fellow, such a grown boy.    Wri-
ting till 4; boy up from Cahill for words to
cuts.      Down-town, to �Momus,� Haney�s and
�Nick-nax� offices, none of the folks at either.
After supper, off to 16th street.       An hour with               
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