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Text for Page 010 [06-04-1860]

        Miscellaneous.    Cahill�s doings.
Haney.     He attended another abortive prize-
fight on Saturday morning, which the police
broke up, with atrocious brutality.  The Thom-
sons and Glover accompanied him.  Mort has re-
lapsed a little into old occasionalities; he gets
drunk now and then.   Haney thinks he and
Grace may be privately married.     To 745, with
Haney, after a rain-storm.              Matty, Jack
and Mr. E. present, Sally not appearing till
towards our departure, when she retired to the
sofa and, on my asking her why, said �Because
she chose.�     Haney goes to Philadelphia to-
morrow evening.
  5.  Tuesday.    Cahill�s clothes discovered in
the bath-room, he in bed.   Whether, on coming
home at 5. A.M., he disrobed himself with
some drunken idea of bathing, I don�t know.
He has been drinking and going to brothels with
young Fool Wood, Mullen and the like.        This
miserable �Vanity Fair� �crowd� show him the cold
shoulder and insult him when he is hard up,
now he has some command of money, they willing-
ly drink and whore with him.           He has neither
paid little Boweryem the borrowed $6, or de-
creased his debt to Mrs. Boley.        Writing awhile,
down-town by noon.    To �Momus� and �Tribune�
Office, saw Wilbur and Dana at the latter,               
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