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Text for Page 011 [06-05-1860]

	   End of �Dan,� the Japanese.
wrote out two Havana news-items from Bob Gun�s
letter and got $1 for �em.    To Wall Street, then
rode up-town; by omnibus.  In-doors all the after-
noon and rainy evening.         Alf Waud came.  He
talked about Washington city and the Japanese;
generally in his ill-conditioned tone of voice.   It
has become part of him.        From one of the embassy
he learnt the fate of the Japanese young fellow, who,
four-and-a-half-years ago, we used to see at 
Life Brown, the lithographer�s place, in Fulton Street,
when Sol. Eytinge and the Wauds drew and al-
most lived there.         Dan � I think that was his
nick-name � grew immensely conceited on the
strength of his American civilization, was �a
very bad man,� and being detected in adultery
with a married woman, got killed; both offenders
suffering death in Japan.
  6.  Wednesday.  To 10th street, then down-
town to �Momus� office.   Up by car.  Drawing,
writing, mostly the latter.           Newman called at
2.        Down-town by 4, to �Momus� Office, &c.
Met Welden: he is �night-editor� on the �Times,�
now.       Evening, went to see Rondel, in Thom-
son Street, where he and family have rooms.
Smoking, talking, looking over Dore�s �Rabelais,�
drinking lager and absinthe.     Returning at 12,
Warne (not the Rochester Warne, but him of               
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