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Text for Page 012 [06-06-1860]

                    �January Searle.�
over the way) crossed the street to fetch me over
to the opposite stoop, where were Misses Kate
Barton and Annie Groves, with three men.
Talked jocular nonsense for half an hour, then
to room and bed.   Kate is handsome.
  7.  Thursday.  �Momus� work till 3, then
down to the office.    In Nassau Street met �Dr.�
Doyle and Banks and, going up-town, Phillips,
(�January Searle�) editor of the �Illustrated
News�!   With him to Haney�s and brought him
home to supper with me.          He has known Char-
lotte Bronte and Carlyle.                      I met, too,
going up-town, Richardson, the Yorkshire-born
painter and picture-dealer whom I knew so well
nine years ago, in Holtein days.       He lives at
Philadelphia, as I partly knew.       In face, New-
man the artist oddly resembles him.
  8.  Friday.  Writing till noon, then down-town
by way of the Bowery � buying things.  �Momus� Of-
fice.       Up-town and in doors for the rest of the
day, writing &c.            A couple of hours in the par-
lor, where the people were singing, to Warne�s
  9.  Saturday.  Down-town in the morning,
to �Momus� Office and Haney�s � he having re-
turned yesterday from Philadelphia.        In doors
all the afternoon.    At night visited Addey and               
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