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Text for Page 013 [06-09-1860]

	    Cahill off � for Somewhere.
got $3, the balance of what he owed me last
week.   Symptoms of impecuniosity beginning to
develop themselves!     Writing all the evening till
11, then out with Bowman for a mug of ale at
the �Optimus.�    Cahill has gone off for a cruise
in a sail-boat, this afternoon, in company with
George Arnold, Frank Wood, Winter and Mul-
len.     O�Brien wanted to be of the party, but
being �on a rock,� as Cahill phrased it � in other
words hard-up, and an expensive �party� to treat,
he wasn�t invited.   They propose to cruise down
the bay till Monday.        Like most of the others,
young Wood has his pet-prostitute � a colored
girl, who, says Cahill, �loves him�!           A
third letter from Bob Gun to-day, containing an
account of the garotting of four men � pretty
well narrated, too.
  10.  Sunday.  Writing all the morning.  At
5 � turned out, called unsuccessfully at 16th 
street for Haney, and at Bellew�s; took a
lonely walk and returned.    The day sunny
but unusually cold � a March day out of season.
Boweryem returned from a visit to Fort Lee,
after supper, during which he had called on Eng-
lish, who he thought �was decidedly cool to him.�
To Chapin�s, then to 745.            Haney, Knudsen and
Honeywell there, the first sitting between Matty               
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