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Text for Page 015 [06-10-1860]

	           Her Portrait.
and I think her eyelashes were rather fine,
if not beautiful.   She had an aquiline nose,
pretty bold and well-developed, but by no
means large or massy.       I have never seen
such an altogether beautiful mouth as hers in
my life � (I pause now to think, and write it
confidently) � ^|it was| frank, sweet and noble in ex-
pression, exquisite in its proportions and sym-
metry.     Landseer, and he only, as far as I
know, can draw the exact mouth � it is one of
the peculiar excellencies of his pictures.   There�s
a �Lady and Spaniels� by him, of which I
only have seen the popular engraving, always
identified by me with Mary Bilton.         It is
her face, elevated into patrician beauty.       She
had none of the air of a high-bred belle,
certainly, nor hardly of young lady-hood, as
the phrase is popularly understood, though
she was always the beauty of her circle, the ad-
mired of young fellows and good-natured girls,
the object of detraction by the envious ones.
The last would have called her showy, for she
was plump in figure and rather short in sta-
ture � what English boys designate �a jolly
girl.�   She had a splendidly clear complexion,
a perfect profile and just a suggestion � a
promise of a double chin, about which I used               
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