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Text for Page 019 [06-10-1860]

	         Cahill missing.
She an old maid at thirty-six; I thirty-
four, sitting writing, at night, in a solitary
New York attic.            That bit of retrospec-
tion over, to the present again.
  11.  Monday.  �Momus� work till 12, then to
the office with it.     Morris came to dinner; he
has been sick and doctored homeopathetically.   Wri-
ting; down-town as far as Duane St.          Billing-
ton called after supper.     Writing and Phonogra-
phy till 11.
  13.  Tuesday.  Writing till noon, then [phonography].  In
the afternoon down-town, to Addey�s, to the �Nic-
nax� and Haney�s Offices.    Gayler and Abrams
at the former.     Returning up-town, passed George
Arnold, Giles and Shepherd in Broadway, to
meet the first and last at our supper-table, where
Arnold told me that Giles has got married a week
or two ago, at �the Phalanx.�   There was enquiry,
too, about Cahill, who hasn�t shown up at the �Nic-
nax� Office since Saturday, or returned home to our
boarding-house.      The sailing excursion didn�t come
off.        Thatcher, foreman of the engravers at the
�Nic-nax� Office, was in tribulation about it, this
afternoon.              Billington calling, after supper,
I took him with me to find out the Bartons�,
little Miss Maguire and Miss Waite, who moved to
Washington Street before the beginning of May.               
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