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Text for Page 023 [06-14-1860]

            Rosa Bolton�s duplicity
nice villa, on a high hill, with beautiful
country all around.  Rosa Bolton went with
him and Edwin to see it, and heard the cuckoo
singing in the garden, for the first time this
year � with other singing birds in hundreds,
she said.�    Charley invites her and Hannah
to visit him.        Then follows a tragic detail of
affairs betwixt him and Rosa � involving the
duplicities of her �divided heart.�   �She is, even
now, parleying with Hartley, when Charley has
got a home for her � she was with Hartley
on the Sunday after her return from London
� she loves him better than Charley and says
so.    If I could tell you half I know, you
would be grieved and angry too, for Charley�s
sake,� writes Hannah, with scruples of cons-
cience about telling me.   �I have said all one
aught and can say to her  x  x  x  but it�s no
good talking.�     Hannah is the faithful confi-
dante of both.   �Rosa has told him �what a
staunch friend� he has, and, on Good Friday
last, he, being at Mr. Gazey�s, on his way to
Neithrop, told Hannah �all his feelings and
wept to me.    I shall never forget it; he looked
so ill: he had felt he was slighted and said
�he would know one way or the other� � but he
still waits patiently.�        Edwin found it out, and               
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