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Text for Page 024 [06-14-1860]

                And Charley�s infatuation.
he and Hannah talked it over.   When Rosa
was in London, my mother �must have seen she
didn�t love Charley.�  Her visit was of his planning;
he wanted to see her away from Banbury influen-
ces.�  He has been wanting to be married years
ago; she says she sickens at heart, when it is 
talked of.�    Poor Charley knows Hannah for his
friend.      He has hopes of obtaining a partnership with
the Bagsters(?) � �pecuniary affairs are not his troubles�
adds Hannah.                        How well my dear girl
shows in all this!      Poor Charley! he�s the best
of all of us, and to have dropped into such misery!
Little Rosa Bolton shows some honesty in holding
off, and I wish to Heaven the match were blown
to the Devil! � no happiness can come of it, or of
her.    She�d get along well enough with Hartley:
Charley is his superior, every way.    She comes
of a breed in which cunning and duplicity runs
in the blood.      I wouldn�t wonder if her mother
weren�t the great advocate of the match.    
     Our stock were well quit of further consanguini-
ty with the Boltons, any way.     How damnably
family traits repeat themselves!         This girl�s
mother, when a servant girl, in the employ of my
father, after setting her cap in vain, at him � 
for he wanted money with a wife, doubtless, � threw
over some bumpkin-lover, to marry Henry Bol-               
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