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Text for Page 025 [06-14-1860]

                 Cahill�s Defalcation
ton, then an awkward, shy younger half-bro-
ther of my father�s.    Just the thing, in fact,
that the woman is abetting that miserable little
Rosa towards, now.          All my observations
justifies firm credence in good and bad blood
and I believe if any such diary as this I
have been keeping for so many years, were to
be undertaken for two or three generations, the
most tremendous corroboration would be afforded
to this truth.                          Writing.  Down-
town after dinner.       To Harper�s (my Niagara
story appeared in to-day�s paper) by car.
On my way to �Momus� Office, when in front of
Frank Leslie�s, of a hot, sunny, afternoon,
met Thatcher, who told me that Cahill
went off to England on Saturday, with
upwards of $400 of Mrs Levison�s money!
She came down this morning to the �Nic-nax�
office, when it was discovered that he had
neither paid in the money accruing from the
�Pictorial� to her, or discharged the Saturday
liabilities of the concern.      All the debts, said
Thatcher, that could be collected, Cahill had ob-
tained.     The news shocked and saddened more
than it surprised me; it made me tremulous and
developed a headache I had into a worse one.
While thus conversing, just within Leslie�s office,               
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