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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Text for Page 029 [06-14-1860]

	     Incidental Particulars
degree, from that demanded by a mere tem-
porary occasion.     He was seen subsequently
at Pfaff�s by Bowman, observing whom, as
he descended the stairs, caret-bag in hand,
he turned and retraced his steps.        I saw
him, afterwards, at Crook and Duff�s, I
am pretty sure, alone, taking a drink at the
bar, as I passed by the open door and, as
usual, glanced in.   It is conjectured that
he went off by the steamer Glasgow, which
sailed for Liverpool, at noon.     (There was
an Havana steamer which departed on the
same day, but I think Cuba an unlikely
destination for him.)   Ledger�s quiet en-
shipment may have served him for a hint,
nor should I be surprised if he presented him-
self at Scotland Yard, to enquire for our
arch-detective, claiming payment for past ser-
vices (if Ledger didn�t pay him) or employment.
That, I can ascertain.      Cahill�s brief detective
experience, the unscrupulous things he had to
engage in, may have exhibited dishonesty
in an exciting, fascinating aspect; helped to
sap his always weak probity.      He has been
guilty of former acts of similar nature.      He
collected a bill of $20 or $30 for Mort
Thomson and applied the money to his won               
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