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Text for Page 030 [06-14-1860]

	    About Cahill�s Flight.
abuses.     His connection with the �Mercury,� says
Haney, terminated in some such act.   He rob-
bed Bob Gun, too, in like manner, as I think
I have recorded.       Never was a fellow who had
more help shown him, whom it was more im-
possible to help permanently.    And this last
wretched business is as foolish as wicked.   He
got $8 weekly from �Nick-nax,� he would certainly
have soon attained a reporter�s berth on the
�Tribune.�   All gone for a miserable $400,
a sum he�ll squander in a few weeks!     How I
can fancy his hurrying aboard the ship, in
the sunny, busy morning, his curious, excited con-
viction that he had taken that great leap which
left all his past life behind and put his future
in shadow � that he had cut himself utterly
adrift from friends and associates � that he
yet had money in his pocket and was going
to England, which he used to speculate about
in a half-longing, half-hopeless way.     How,
when fairly out at sea, he would be over-friendly
with the passengers, would invite them to drink
and how drunk he�d be for the first day or
two � and then how miserable.    For he was
sensitive and won�t be able to brave out the in-
famy of it.     (I�m a little inclined, by the by,
to attach some meaning to his �I�m going to do               
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