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Text for Page 031 [06-14-1860]

	Cahill�s probably future.
something which, I suppose, will make everybody
down upon me,� when he broached his project
of starting a cheap, comic monthly, as we wal-
ked, one night, to Bellew�s.       Might he now
have been speculating on his recent crime?)
But I can feel nothing but sorrow and com-
miseration for the miserable fellow, now.
I�ve not much money but I�d have given every
cent of it to have saved him.     What a wret-
ched, lonely life he�ll lead in that great, merci-
less London!    who�ll help or befriend him?
His family is broken up, he has but one
sister, who lies in Ireland, and whom he
never wrote to, though I often poked him up
about it and repeatedly got him to promise
it.        He�ll visit the few people he knew, be
a day or two�s wonder and then find no
work, for there that word means steady in-
dustry, for which his free-and-easy New
York life has utterly unfitted him.    Then he�ll
sink into a shabby, raffish, lonely coffee-house
and tavern-hunting life and God knows
what miseray.    Years may pass before we
hear anything of him, but some waif of intel-
ligence will be cast up by the sea of circum-
stance in the future.      Somebody will meet or
see him.       God pity and help the miserable               
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