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Text for Page 032 [06-14-1860]

	     Talk about him.
fellow!  I won�t throw stones at him.     A
ruined life is too piteous a thing to be barked
at in brute anger � only the cruel and mean, or
the unthinking, will do that, and there�s plenty
of them to undertake the job.        He had better
have maimed himself � almost have commit-
ted suicide.   Then we could have sorrowed for
him without shame, now every little noisome
cur can vilify him and we hardly say them
  15.  Thursday.  Writing, principally the
preceding twelve pages.  Down-town in the after-
noon, to �Momus� and the �Nic-nax� offices.   Wri-
ting in the evening.        I met Billington and
subsequently Morris, in the afternoon, and pas-
sed a good many people I knew, as Mort. Thom-
son, Hillard (Frank) and Ware, who goes
to Europe, for a long stay, on Saturday, as he
informed me when I encountered him in Bleeck-
er Street, a couple of days ago.     Very miserable
during the latter half of the day about Cahill.
  Of course all the people know it in this house.
The odious �Doctor� (Kinne), as they call him and
his abominable wife have been exulting over it,
to the anger of the rest of the folks.      Our ex-peri
of the privy, as we used to call her, took an oppor-
tunity over the breakfast table, subsequent to               
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