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Text for Page 035 [06-15-1860]

	   Ugly Facts coming out
more than I do.    There has been a perfect cul-
mination of drinking and whoring, of late,
among the whole worthless crowd.    Shepherd
derived his particulars from the mistress of
the brothel where these girls live; young as he
is, he is an occasional visitor to such.        And
Abrahams told me, Cahill had in one day
spent $7 for drinks at Crook and Duffs.
He has the reputation of a liar, but may
speak truth in this particular.      Cahill�s
�Mercury� rascality amounted to more than we
supposed; to $50.    Bellew,
always a friend to him, helped him out of the
scrape, I suppose gave him ^|some of| the money to com-
promise the affair, which is known to but few
persons.           Men of Cahill�s stomp always
experience a good deal of assistance, their
temperament appeals to people, their incapacity
to walk the right line of life seems to demand
as help, which they are content to accept from
the inferior position of dependents, unconsciously
gratifying the latent feeling of patronage in the
breast of their relievers.         A dangerous license,
too, is accorded them; they may do things which
would provoke severe censure on others with
almost impunity.       Were I to appear drunk at
a boarding-house table, there�d be a devil of               
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