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Text for Page 037 [06-15-1860]

a talk about it, in Cahill it was next to a
joke.     The thing was in keeping, expected of
him.     When, too, they are guilty of downright crim-
inality, we remember their agreable qualities
and judge them leniently.   Of all roads to li-
king, easy good humor and pleasant manners
are perhaps the surest.   If I did a villany
people would say harder things of me than of
Cahill.              Our landlady brought me his
portfolio or writing-case t�other day and amid
a farrage of litter, of fragmentary stories and
dramas, reportorial notes and scribblings of
himself and George Arnold, I found the follow-
ing.      It is apropos of his fancy for pretty
Matty Edwards, � a brief synopsis of a short
story he intended writing:
  �Frank Carleton is in love with Lizzie Dal-
ton.   She is in love with him, a tacit understand-
ing existing to that effect, nothing having been
said on either side.        Frank is wild and would
offer his hand, only he can�t afford marriage.
A dear, good, kind friend informs Franks pa-
rents that Frank is the very devil in disguise.
He is forbidden the house.   His remorse & des-
troys (sic in orig.) little things of Lizzie�s.   They
eventually meet and she is married.      Kisses
him and leaves the room.�               
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