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Text for Page 039 [06-16-1860]

                �The Japs� in New York.�
strike and the certainty of �Momus� coming to
grief uncontinently, if Addey don�t succeed in
getting a partner.        To 745.      Up on the roof
with Haney and the girls, dressed in all their
best.     Jack there, anon others, papa Edwards,
Honeywell, Knudsen, a young brother to pretty Miss Brown
(who has gone to Europe) Mr Williston and
more.      Two hours of looking on.    The Japanese
by no means handsome or imposing personages,
the three chief personages looking neither to the
right nor the left, maintaining their oriental dig-
nity, the inferiors in station livelier.       Over by
6; down stairs in basement, visitors supped
and left, then we supped en famille.  Talk af-
ter.   Sally sick and headachey; talking half-con-
fidentially with her.    Proposition to go out to see
the illuminations; Haney, who had been letting Eli-
za do what she liked with him, of course �squired
her, Sally�s headache absolved her from going, so 
I had charge of Matty.                The two had twenty
minutes� start of us, owing to Matty�s going up
stairs to change slippers for boots, during which
delay I talked with Sally at the street-door.
Through the crowd � not such a dense one as on 
the cable celebration, when I had the same com-
panion � to the Metropolitan Hotel, which was
decorated with flags and lanterns.   Was recog-               
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