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Text for Page 040 [06-16-1860]

           Ice-cream with pretty Matty.
by Anna Bradbury, she being with her
mother.       Returning soon, went into Mail-
lards� and had ice-cream.     Matty, dressed in
a light frock, with knitted open-work shawl,
red and white material, and rosy cheeks
looked very pretty.    Her eyes, like those of
Sally are light and so indefinite in color,
that it is difficult to describe them; there is 
light grey, with other equivocal shades � or
rather lights ^|in them| not very handsome eyes, though they
can look grave and kind and sweet on occa-
sion.    At night, owing to her extreme fairness,
they look almost dark blue.           Back to the
house.     Miss Ann there.    Haney and Eliza
returning; by 11 it was suggested that we
should turn out again to hear the serenade
by a band of music to the coffee-colored orient-
tals.     This time I walked with Jack, Miss
Ann with King, her �engaged,� Haney with
Matty.    Serenade didn�t commence soon,
so we returned, I leaving them at Bleeck-
er Street.
  17.  Sunday.  A complete day�s loafing.
Turned out at 9, to Addey�s.    Bellew came;
out with him, a leisurely cock-tail and cigar
then to Haney�s.    Loafed an hour or more
there, then out into the hot morning, through               
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