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Text for Page 043 [06-17-1860]

the leafy streets in idle sort, caterpillars pen-
dant from the umbrageous trees.    Claret-punch
and cigars.        I back with Haney, dined and
loafed away the afternoon.    Out together by 4,
to the Metropolitan, where two or three Japanese
heads at the windows attracted a good many
spectators.      Haney supped with me, then
together to 745.         With the girls, Jack and
Honeywell, out on the rear-stoop, talking, sing-
ing hymns and looking at the stars, with cigar
accompaniments, till Mr. and Mrs. E. came home,
then down-stairs.           In Broadway this after-
noon we met the two Arnold�s, with another,
when George spake of an article in this day�s
�Courier,� about Cahill, written by Smith.
  18.  Monday.  Article in �Tribune� about Cahill,
written by England.    Writing all the morning,
�Momus� work; down-town in the afternoon to
Office and that of �Nic-nax.�    Writing at night.
Boweryem up for an hour, he just returned
from the �Phalanx.�       George Arnold, whom I
met this afternoon, says he was not of the sup-
per party given by Cahill to the strumpets and
Vanity Fairians, which occurred at the Mac Pike�s,
not at the place named.
  19.  Tuesday.  Early to Addey�s with copy.  Re-
turning met Damoreau in Broadway.        He has               
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