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Text for Page 044 [06-19-1860]

         Will Waud�s Wife�s Relatives.
been to Boston recently and returns saying
it is �hopeless� to expect to have his wife and
family remove hither.          Also the story of
Will Waud�s seduction of the Sydenham girl
has got round to the ears of his wife�s relati-
ves, if not to herself, Damoreau opines,
through Alf��s ill-conditioned habit of talking
against his brother to everybody, as he certainly
does.   And there�s a certain big brother-in-law
of Will�s now expected home from England
who has declared that he�ll spend any money
but that he�ll ascertain Will�s antecedents.
The family are suspicious that he don�t care
about having his wife with him, knowing
that he married her half on compulsion, when
though almost a girl in pantalettes, she was
about to become a mother.     This big brother
in law, Will is prone to defer to, he having
position, perhaps money.      Alf has been un-
sparing enough in his talk of Will and once,
meeting the poor little Yankee girl, his wife,
in the street, told her her husband would live
to break her heart, yet!    Likely enough, but
brutality to say it.     He talks offensively of
everybody and, of course, is much beloved
in consequence.             Writing and [phonography].  Down
town in the afternoon.   [Phonography] and reading at night.               
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