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Text for Page 047 [06-20-1860]

                  Banks indignant!
ally a truer gentleman than Bellew.   Had
Cahill confessed the truth, even on the last
morning, he would have been helped out of his
scrape.    The Mercury business, amounting to
$50, which he collected and spent, Cahill never
repaid to the proprietors of the paper.    He got
Bellew to intercede for him to prevent legal penal-
ties.    Like all weak people he told lies about
this and other matters.
  21.  Thursday.  Trying to write.  Down town
in the afternoon, to Nick-nax office.  Met Banks
who declared that he�d �never go near Smith any
more� for publishing the paragraph about Cahill.
To W. Leslie�s and returned up town with him.
By 9 to 745.     Haney, Knudsen and the Galli-
cized young Englishman and his sister, who live
in Brooklyn, with the other young men there,
the girls entertaining them, in the absence of their
parents, who had gone to Niblo�s from which they
presently returned, having witnessed a burlesque
by Mort Thomson, at which Fanny and Jim
were present.      Stayed till 11 �, then broke
up.                  O�Brien appeared at our supper-
table to-night, being brought thither by Shepherd,
which young man looked flattered by his society.
He �introduced� me in a word or two, followed
by a nominal recognition.    O�Brien looked vicious,               
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