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Text for Page 048 [06-21-1860]

                     Nast going to Sicily.
but respectable in his get up � less raffish than
of late, I fancy.                   Apropos of Fanny Fern,
what an immense amount of spites and small
incriminations must she have confided to the �Ans-
wers to Correspondents� to the Ledger!  I picked
up a copy of Feb, 1859, t�other day and discover-
ed this in it:

[newspaper clipping]
  NELLY.�You say your music teacher will persist in
giving you two hours� instruction instead of one, as your
mother wishes.  Just tell him, then, at the end of the
hour, that you have other engagements and leave the
room.  He has no
right to intrude
longer.  If he had
any self-respect
he would not do

[Gunn�s diary continued]
It applies,
of course, to 					the absurd
little German, Ulric, the 			instructor
of Grace and Nelly.  This man, 		though a
puppy, had been encouraged into all sorts of fami-
liarities by Fanny�s behavior towards him: they
� the family � were directly responsible for his folly.
This is one of innumerable instances.        I have seen
articles from her pen written at her husband.
  Little Nast has written from Genoa to Jack Ed-
wards.  He is going to Sicily to sketch Garibaldi�s
revolutionary doings for the Illustrated N.Y. News,
which is, of course, a great secret.     Sally always
throws him over and professes utter indifference to
him in conversation, now.
  22.  Friday.  Writing and [phonography].  Down town
in the afternoon, to W. Leslie�s, to Momus and
Nick-nax offices.  Bellew came in the latter.  Up-
town with him, after meeting Swinton and John
Wood.   Bellew had evidently been drinking, his man-
ner was peculiar.        He proposed that we should               
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