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Text for Page 049 [06-22-1860]

               Bellew hits Rosenberg.
see Frank Leslie about merging Momus into
the Budget of Fun and publishing it weekly, as
there�s considerable likelihood of Addey�s publica-
tion coming to grief, if the talked about partner
don�t appear.         We parted at Bleecker Street.
He said not a word about an occurrence of an
hour or so before, of which Morris, present at
it, informed me subsequently.      He met Bellew
at Crook and Duff�s, observing his condition
immediately. Bellew talked to him about the
fight for the Championship, being very pertina-
cious about it, and rather boring Morris for
fifteen minutes, when Gargler and Rosenberg en-
tered and the latter addressed Bellew jokingly,
diverting his attention to himself.   Bellew, gesti-
culating with his fist, after his occasional man-
ner, struck Rosenberg rather a severe blow in
the face, making his nose or mouth bleed.   He
was confounded at first, but as Bellew kept on
talking and gesticulating, he got savage, said, pretty
truly, that the thing passed a joke and talked
pugilistic, asserting that he could lick Bellew
� rather a wild assumption.      There would have
been a fight, if the others hadn�t interfered, when
drinks were the only result.     To the end Bellew
kept on without apology.      I�ve noticed he is
dangerous with liquor in him, he dwells pertina-               
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