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Text for Page 050 [06-22-1860]

  The tailless Fox recommends caudal amputation.
ciously on subjects offensive to his auditors, is
disposed to ventilate unpleasant truths � the con-
trary of his ordinary behavior, which is considerate
to a degree.       He licked Banks under alcoholic
influence.       It�s a family trait; his brother Beck-
et (or rather Patrick, his real name) insulted
the pugilist Aaron Jones in such a manner that
there�d have been a fight at Crook and Duff�s
if Mort Thomson hadn�t stopped it.
  23.  Saturday.  Writing till noon, then down
town, to Momus, Courier and Post Offices.  Writing
in the afternoon � Addey up, with $4.       Morris
came to supper, stopped an hour afterwards.
[Phonography].  Damoreau was up twice, in my absence; the
first time he left a sheet of scribbled objurgation
of bachelor-hood, ending by exhorting me to get
married.        Does he think he is married?    I won-
der.      Out with Boweryem for claret-punch, felt
loaferish, made a call over the way and return-
ed about midnight.
  24.  Sunday.  To Weehawken, a walk with
Boweryem to Guttenberg, an hour and a half�s wai-
ting for the Fort Lee boat, a walk to another lan-
ding, then embarkation and by 4, reached our des-
tination.     Found the Websters�, Boweryem�s friends,
at dinner, joined �em.           Then to a newly erected
wooden tower commanding a fine view.         Back to               
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