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Text for Page 052 [06-26-1860]

               �The Family Repository.�
In the latter�s room.   Return and drawing
on wood till dinner-time.  Morris came about
1, stayed to dinner.     Little Miss Maguire in the
parlor, Morris talking with her; asking questions
after his wont.   He has not seen her for a long time,
and I think did the affectionate, while she, for her
part, was loth to part with him.     When I said a
word on it, Morris threw out the observation that
the girl wanted a husband, that�s what she want-
ed.      Down-town together, day very hot.  To a
Mr. Paul, in a wholesale chemist and patent medicine
store, in Beekman Street.       A monthly magazine of
the �Family Repository� and steal-tales-from-the-English
-order, of which certain numbers have been issued
wants a long story, original, and I went to treat
about it.     The magazine is merely a vehicle for
the store advertising its wares.     Boweryem got Mor-
ris the editorship of it, at $20, and told me of the
want of a story, which Morris came to me about
afterwards.       Up-town, parting in Broadway.
Did another drawing on wood by 9, then to Bel-
lew�s, finding Newman there, Bellew at work, as
usual, Mrs. Bellew, hardly convalescent, in the room
during the latter part of the evening.       I set New-
man talking about �Punch� in its early days, when
he spoke of Albert Smith and Henry Mayhew get-
ting �1,,10 a week on it.       The latter was so good               
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