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Text for Page 054 [06-26-1860]

                   A man from Chicago.
the Atlantic into recognition of them.     Then he
rather admitted Bellew�s merit with good-humor-
ed toleration, now he knows better.       Then how
he pooh-poohed �Nick-nax,� &c. � now he is by
no means unwilling to draw for such.
  27.  Wednesday.   Chores &c., till noon, then down
town to see Paul.    Met a man who had been on the
�Pick� (Scoville�s), who seemed to know me well
enough; who had just returned from Chicago, where
he had started and edited a paper for three years.
(Told me he had extracted from and �noticed� my
book.)     Had given it up and come to NewYork
again.          Hither and thither, to �Nick-nax� office.
Met Phillips (of the �Ill-News�) at Crook and Duff�s,
he talking, on the steps, with Sol Eytinge, who left 
us to take a drink together.      Up-town per omnibus.
Drawing &c.    Billington and Boweryem up in
the evening; sent them off to Bartow�s.    Damoreau
up, just as I was going out to 745, walked with
me.    He went to see John Ware off for England
and had a good story to tell about it.   Ware was shy
of going aboard, and, when it could no longer be post-
poned, effected it at the farther end of the steamer, presently confiding
to Charley that there was a woman aboard whom he
wished to avoid seeing, who he believed was intent on
seeing him.     Charley took an observation of her and
has no doubt that she sailed to Europe in the same               
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