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Text for Page 055 [06-27-1860]

                 John Ware of Boston.
vessel!  as she certainly didn�t disembark.   She
considered herself under a marriage engagement
with Ware, he denying it and telling Charley
that he preferred another woman.    �A perfect
devil� for the sex, says Charley of him.     Ware
is a little aquiline-nosed Bostonian � very Bosto-
nian in aspect � may be called good-looking,
sits mum-chance in the company of men, but no
doubt travels on his intellect with women.   As he
is such a serious little cub, they probably form
high estimations of him, thinking as he is not
one of your fast, flashy fellows who make
love to every woman they know he must be
all right and generally eligible.           He comes
of a wealthy family, has, I suppose money,
which produced its usual effect on him as on
other young Bostonians, making him indolent,
dilettante-ish in all his doings.        He paints
a little, did dentistry and teaching, has lived
in Paris and elsewhere, has written an article
for the Atlantic monthly.    Morse was something
of his kidney before his marriage, easy-going,
grave, selfish � a demi-intellectual Epicurean.
There�s no greater humbug going than your
gravity, I echo Gratiano�s opinions of it.   And
it is especially a cheat with women, who commonly
distrusting fun and mirth, except it be of a               
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