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Text for Page 057 [06-27-1860]

                   Feminine �Spirit.�
fictitious estimate of themselves, by our letting
them see how much we liked them.       Haney
acknowledged, forlornly, on our leaving, that he
should hardly know how to get along there,
but for Matty.    Sally hardly says a word to
him and Eliza is alternately, friendly familiar
and insolent.       To me, Matt is good-
humored, not very conversational, Sally always
so, Eliza rude.                             But why blame
the girl after all?       It is in the d____d atmos-
phere � universal on this side of the Atlantic,
from the Fifth Avenue belle to the shop-girl.
There�s the girl Lizzie Woodward, �tother evening,
established a row with Shepherd, on some perfectly
unintended offence, which she only discovered on
thinking over it, so she returns to the parlor,
tells him he is �no gentleman,� won�t accept any
apology, goes and cackles about it to the other
women and in short behaves like a thoroughly
ill-bred American �young lady� of spirit.    Shep-
herd, a little drunk, she says, made some
remark about her dress, intending to be compli-
mentary.     She perverted it into a reflection on 
her shop-girl position.                I got a letter
from poor Mary Anne to-day.   She has received
letters from my mother, Naomi, and �a piece
of poetry from Rosa,� talks of our father�s sick-               
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