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Text for Page 058 [06-27-1860]

                      Poor Mary Anne.
ness and �constant cough,� says Fred is �very
busy ploughing,� that Edward has �hired out
for some months,� that the place she lives in is
a �miserable� one, � �only one room � the dirt
falls from between the logs where it (they) have been
patched up.       The boys have $50 coming to them
when Fred is of age, next September, it will go
to pay for their horses, which are only partly pur-
  28.  Thursday.  Drawing on wood &c till
4, then down town as far as Duane Street,
returning up Broadway.  Did another drawing
in the evening.
  29.  Friday.  Down town by noon.  To Nic-nax
office, found Bellew there, introduced to Cahill�s
successor, Larrison, a civil young Philadelphian,
Mrs Levison�s brother-in-law.     Out with Bellew
to Crook and Duff�s.      Sitting over our cobblers
there, Stedman came up, anon left.         Then Mort
and Clif Thomson, Banks, too, but seeing the
two last named he only said �how do?� and hovered
himself off.     (Mort heard of Banks� tavern
championship of his wooing Grace, for which
Banks tastefully assigned a Phallic reason, hence
Mort has a general impression that his advocate
ought to be assaulted and whenever Thomson has
liquor in him he wants to do it!)              High noon               
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