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Text for Page 059 [06-29-1860]

        High noon at Crook and Duff�s.
at Crook and Duff�s presently, a perfect
literary and artistic �on�change.�  Will Waud,
John McLenan, Gayler, young Fletcher Har-
per, and others, together, apart, in groups,
hither and thither, drinking and talking
promiscuously.   Day tropical.  I saw Thad
Glover pass by.    (By the bye Cahill accompani-
ed him to the Fashion Race Course and spent
a good deal of money on that occasion.) Bel-
lew and I lunched in the dining room, subse-
quent to visiting Bobbett and Hooper�s office,
previous to which I went to see Paul, whom
I found prostrate with a sick headache.    Set
off about 2 � with Bellew to see the newly-
arrived �Great Eastern� steam-ship.  Gayler wal-
ked a it of the way with us.        (He was out of
sorts, down on his luck and condemnatory in
his sentiments, was �Charley,� when in the bar-
room.      He talked of Addey�s impecuniosity, of
how repeatedly he had disappointed him (Gayler)
of money, of the forthcoming collapse of Momus,
anon of the Courier�s postponements in cashing
up.      I asked him if he had anything dramatic
under way.    He said he couldn�t get a piece accep-
ted.    �They know, too, that I never wrote a piece
that wasn�t a success!�      Then he disparaged �Doe
sticks.�    Raising his black wide-brimmed som-               
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