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Text for Page 060 [06-29-1860]

        Rowing round the �Great Eastern.�
brero, his broad red face perspiring freely, the
thronged bar-room for back-ground it made
a picture.       Mort Thomson, by the bye, half an
hour before, had been telling Bellew and myself of the
success of his piece, declaring it would run another
fortnight, if the manager hadn�t resolved to with-
draw it, thereby preventing him (Mort Thomson)
making upwards of $400.               To return.
Bellew and I crossed to Hoboken by the Bar-
clay Street ferry, returning to New York by that
landing at Christopher Street, getting a good view
of the monster steamship by the way.   When we
arrived at the pier alongside which she lay, it was
a busy scene, crowds of people, hot sunlight and
flying dust-clouds everywhere.  We took a boat and
were rowed round the great vessel, getting some
conception of her immensity thereby, though she is
so vast that one�s ideas of size are confounded by
her.     While in the boat, the wind dashing the
spray over us, the steamer containing the Japanese
embassy, to day departing for their native country,
passed by.         Landing, I proposed a visit to the
adjacent baths and had a swim, though Bellew
didn�t go in the water.    Parted about 4.    I to
my room.        Evening on the roof in the rear for
a smoke.      Phillips, Miss Trainque, Lizzie Wood-
worth, Boweryem and Warne (not the Rochester               
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