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Text for Page 061 [06-29-1860]

              Damoreau�s Revelations
one) there.    This Warne, a good-humored,
common-place chap, who plays in lively manner
on the piano, accompanying others singing, is
a little stricken with Lizzie.        Phillips and
buxom Miss Trainque bill and coo, after the
lovingest sort.         To my room about 9 �,
had stripped and was going to have two hours
of the �Mill on the Floss� when Damoreau came
up.   Over whiskey and water and a pie he
got confidential and talked till past midnight,
barring twenty minutes of Boweryem�s presence,
the little man coming up-stairs with lemonade.
Here are Charley�s details, involving the charac-
teristics of a very peculiar and not at all satis-
factory woman � of course his wife.         He
confessed that his marriage was �a slip-up.�
She had asserted that she loved him but within
two months subsequent to the union, she privately
mortgaged a sum of $1000 which she possessed
for ten years, �finding,� as she has recently told
her husband, �that she was married to a second-
rate workman, who would probably want to avail
himself of some of the money.�   Always distrusting
and suspecting him, her secretiveness being some-
thing perfectly marvellous, her whole married life
has exhibited a preternatural acuteness as to what
she conceives due to her, unqualified by affections               
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