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Text for Page 062 [06-29-1860]

                   About his lying Wife.
for everything but her children.   She objected to
maternity, expressing her dissatisfaction at him,
when she was pregnant.    Her distaste for sexual
intercourse or its responsibilities has excluded him
from a husband�s privileges for twelvemonths past.
The varicose vein pleas, though endorsed by a
physician, he evidently discredits.   He says the
woman is cold in temperament, which was what
he never bargained for.     When married at seven-
teen, to a man twice her age, she excluded him
from her apartment for weeks, and was render-
ed a mother only when disabled from active resis-
tance, by sickness.  (Her account, of course.)   Yet
her figure, says Charley, is calculated to excite de-
sire.       Their three children, born rapidly, one
after another, have increased her aversion for her
husband�s embraces.     But she is �a perfect mother.�
Charley read me two of her letters, one notably
characteristic of its writer.      Beginning with no
expression of endearment, with simply his Christian
name, she told, in clear, good English, rather
short sentences, of the health and doings of the
children, of her nursing one in delicate health,
his sayings about his �dear papa who had sent
him strawberries everyday� � in other words the mo-
ney to obtain them.      That, wrote Beatrice Damo-
rean �was a blessing.�       It enabled her to procure               
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