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Text for Page 064 [06-29-1860]

                 Wrong causing Wrong.
�That letter,� says Charley, �I took care not to
answer.�   When he came to New York, the girl,
still under the wily Beatrice�s coercion, wrote to him,
asking for money to join him.             His wife desired
to have her husband so in her power, that in the
event of a separation, she might be sure of securing
the children (?)  This, he thinks.  (It may be not
so much from affection for them, but as a means 
to retain him as her vassal and drudge, through
the medium of his love for their mutual offspring;
which love is demonstrable, presently.)       Further-
more she has caused him to be watched in New
York, probably by a detective.   This she spoke of
on his return to Boston, when his welcome consisted
of a statement, on her part, of her knowledge of
the servant-girl business and a general sum-up
of his sins of omission, from her point
of view.    He found, too, a letter which had been
purloined from him in New York, the answer by
a woman, to one he had written in response to
her advertisement for a husband.     He replied in
French.       The letter, he says, proves nothing � there
was nothing to prove.       He does not present constant-
cy to his wife, spoke indefinitely of amours he had
been and was engaged in.           His wife doesn�t care
about such, her only objection apparently being
an apprehension of his �going too low.�   He need-               
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