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Text for Page 065 [06-29-1860]

n�t do that said Charley.     He was loved else-
where.  There was a woman, a widow or wife
who would elope with him down south any day
he chose.   But he didn�t choose.     The children
were the main objects to be considered.   He should
go on working and sending on money.    It was
easy to champion the brutal side, the selfish
side of the question, to say Give me my rights,
obey me, come hither and live in New York or
I cut off the supplies, but what would that do?
She would work to keep herself and the children,
would accept a situation.       She had friends,
was �a perfect lady� and very much liked.    Every
body would side against him in case of a rup-
ture.       He should hold on for the children�s sake.
He predicted that the mother would, in time be
subjugated by him, would obey him.    She did
not love him, she had never loved anybody but
her children, she was, by nature, unalterably
selfish and suspicious.    She would have made
�a splendid wife� for a man with an immense
fortune.      She was always dissatisfied with his
earnings, discontented at having married a me-
chanic.   She had declared when they lived in New
York, not long after marriage, that she should
die if he did not remove to Rhinebeck � to the
country.  That was a bad thing for him financial-               
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