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Text for Page 066 [06-29-1860]

	Extenuation of a Tyrant by the Victim.
ly.   It was the same story always, her idea of
matrimony being: all the responsibilities, none of
the privileges for the husband.        She always ridicu-
led and spoke against his sister Emma.           He recog-
nized his present plight as the proper punishment
for his own selfishness and want of natural affec-
tion for the good old maid.     He ought to have mar-
ried a woman who would have accepted and made 
a sister of his.    Emma knew nothing of the real
state of affairs.      He had not breathed a word of it
to anybody by but me.    He didn�t want me to
believe him the contemptible �peep� he appeared. The
state of things wasn�t going to last always, he might
break it off after a year or so.       But the children
shouldn�t be sacrificed, of that he was determined.
He had never found affection in his wife, only an
exacting, complaining, suspicious, remorseless, unti-
ring, clever woman.       She was �a superior woman
� �an extraordinary woman.�    What she brought against
him she could put into �splendid language.�    He, too
had made a good struggle for it, but what could
you do?     All Englishwomen thought of nothing else
in matrimony but of taking the honest chances
of maternity as part of the contract; you couldn�t
get Englishmen to believe in lettres francaises and
onanism.      He could name four or five cases in
which the former were regularly used by married               
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