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Text for Page 067 [06-29-1860]

       Charley�s miserable �Engagement.�
neighbors of him.  x  x  x   Charley keeps up
a sort of intimacy with his ex-sister-in law,
once Mrs George Brown, now opulently mar-
ried, the third time she has entered that rela-
tion. �Mag�s a good deal improved,� says
Damoreau �she gets up capital dinners!�  I
guessed where he got his word �peep� from where
he used it: I had heard it in the mouths of
Lotty and her mother � it�s a Kidderian word.
Charley don�t know their present whereabouts, 
supposing Mrs Morse resides in New York.
  A breath of purer atmosphere.     I got a letter
from home to day, from my dear old mother,
God bless her!    Stormy weather in England,
no summer up to the middle of June, rain,
wind, fires and winter clothing prevalent � a
lilac-tree at the end of our garden blown down.
In allusion to Charley and Edwin taking a
pretty house at Chigwell, my mother writes that
the former �had thought of living there when he
was married, but whether that will ever take
place God only knows.   He had been very misera-
ble and ill lately, for he is a faithful lover to
that (I am afraid) false girl.�     She adds a
caution in case of my going to Canada as to
my �opening my heart� to my cousins. (I fancy
myself doing that to any with Bolton blood in               
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