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Text for Page 069 [06-29-1860]

them!)     Talk of the prosperity of Gale and An-
noot, once Ned�s fellow workmen.     Villanous
John Mapleson �getting lower and lower� in so-
ciety,� moving  about in London from place to
place.�           Charley will call on Ledger (of the
Era � I requested it;)) �he is now quite serious-
ly ill, scarcely able to go to Paternoster Row.�
He encloses a written anecdote, thinking it may do
to work into a story.        Writes my mother � I
must do myself the dear pleasure of copying her
words, though into this record of so much that 
is base and wicked, so little that one can look
at without sadness, � �Oh! how thankful I am
to God for giving me such loving, good children!
I think it is in answer to my prayers for them �
may my hands be kept up for them while I 
have my breath!�      Yes! for us dear mother,
for God knows we need it and there is at least
one that humbles his heart into the dust in ack-
nowledgement of it.  He�d pray too, sometimes, but
God is farther away from him, than from you,
O my mother!
  30.  Saturday.  Writing.  Down town, to
Nick-nax Office, saw Larrison, got $12 for cuts,
saw Haney, went to Courier Office, met Suther-
land, to P.O.  Spaldings &c, then rode up town,
after a visit to Paul and the Momus Office.               
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