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Text for Page 070 [06-30-1860]

                Ike Vermilye Dead.
Looking in at Webb and Co, once Wells
and Webb�s and missing Ike, I inquired
about him.     Dead and buried in February
� died of consumption.  A queer, old, red-head-
ed, dry, outwardly crabbed dealer in box-wood
was Ike Vermilye, how familiar his appearance
was to me from the time when I first went
up to the then confined premises, ten years ago!
Abrupt and stubborn, rather unaccommodating
if urged out of his own liking, I used to have
rows with him at first, but we got on capitally
when I understood him; we used to interchange
jokes together.    �He liked you.�   they told me.
Died an old bachelor, worth money.        Had three
old maid sisters.       Had been crossed in love,
when young.     Wouldn�t look at a woman � would
n�t give one a civil answer.          Requiescat in
pace! crabbed purveyor of boxwood, twenty years
denizen of that workshop I know so well!         You
have found rest now.      I too, in good time.
  Some writing in the afternoon.      Was going out
in the evening when folks on rear leads called to
me, sat talking on window sill with Lizzie
Woodworth, took her out to Maillard�s for ice-
cream, brought her back, went to Addey�s.    I
don�t think there�ll be another �Momus� published.
To Bellews, there till 11/50 or later, a               
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