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Text for Page 071 [06-30-1860]

                  Possible Theft by Cahill.
thoughtful ramble Washington Square-wise into
Broadway subsequently.               I met Symes,
the Scotchman, two or three days ago.  He knows
Jones and the Woodworth girls, having boarded at
the same house, and talked of them, as of Bob
Gun and Cahill.       About the latter, I don�t think
that I ever put down that Jones, during his oc-
cupancy of the same attic with Cahill, had $15
taken from a pocket-book which he inadvertently left
under his pillow or on the bed.         He believes Ca-
hill guilty of the theft.     I can hardly think it,
though morally the dishonesty preceding his flight
is was as base a crime.                   MacCulloch the
printer called on me, too, this Saturday morning.
I see Anna Bradbury in Broadway frequently,
the biggest and rudest of conceivable girls.    Her
mother sometimes visits Mrs Kinne, our �Peri
of the Privy,� and wanted to return to board here,
but Mrs Boley wouldn�t have her at any price,
and said so.              The family are notorious for gene-
ral offensiveness.         Lizzie Woodworth who board-
ed with them at the house where little Wall and his
wife went to, on leaving here, describes Mrs Brad-
bury�s agreeable trick of smelling every morsal or
dish before she ate of it.        Nice people there are
in the world!      I�m told Lizzie is Irish.
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