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Text for Page 072 [07-01-1860]

          Bob Gun back from Cuba.
  1.  Sunday.  Chores and writing when up
comes Bob Gun! returned from Havana,
after a three weeks sailing voyage.  Shepherd
present.   Great interchange of news, Bob ha-
ving none of all that had transpired since his
departure.    He looked extremely well, much
reddened by the Cuban sun and talked freely
of everything but of his employment.  While
in Havana he boarded at the house, over the
room recently occupied by Mrs Levison, on her
stay there.       Mrs Boley chummed him in the
big, back second floor, formerly occupied by
Kettle and Berger.       He went off to accompany
a Cuban to the Central Park in the afternoon.
  With Boweryem to visit Morris, near 25th 
street, in Broadway, finding him atop of a tall
house, in a room that smelt strongly of plaster,
packing his trunk for tomorrow�s journey, with
the shutters closed (though the night was oppres-
sively hot) that the neighbors shouldn�t espy
him engaged in such a degrading occupation.
Half and hour there, then off, I quitting
Boweryem at Edwards�, at 10.     Haney just
going, but stayed twenty minutes in the passage,
the girls wanting to decide about where to go on
the Fourth.        Went away soon myself.    Rather               
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