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Text for Page 073 [07-01-1860]

           O�Brien roasting with Shepherd
slow � paterfamilias, Mrs E., a man I have
seen before there, conversing together, mostly about
the �Great Eastern.�      Paterfamilias made jocular
allusion to Eliza�s Wednesday rudeness, I was
invited to join them on the Fourth and that�s about
all that occurred.                            O�Brien showed
at our supper-table in Shepherd�s company again,
on Saturday.   He sleeps in his room on the so-
fa; is very hard up.       Must be, indeed, to prey
on the juveniles.
  2.  Monday.  Out early with Bob Gun.  Going
into Shepherd�s room to get something, on rising,
he found O�Brien on the sofa and being extremely
short sighted, had almost mistaken him for Shep-
herd and punched him in the ribs, when there
might have been a row, for the Irishman hates
honest Bob, ever since he got an order for a suit
of clothes out of him, advance payment for the
story of �From Hand to Mouth� which of course
he left unfinished in the Picayune.     To Mrs Pot-
ters�, saw Larrison (who boards there) and Haney,
finding the latter in his shirt, newly risen.    To
Bellew�s, when we disturbed Bellew taking a bath,
and where Haney came presently.      Took 6th Ave-
nue cars, left Bob at Bleecker Street.           Wri-
ting (the last nine pages.)    Down town.   Bob,
Symes and Boweryem in my room in the evening,               
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